Educational Services

For Children & Young Adults

The Melmark School is an approved private school licensed by the Pennsylvania Department of Education that serves children and adolescents ages 5 to 21. The educational program focuses on the needs of students with learning difficulties and challenging behaviors secondary to a broad range of intellectual disabilities, including autism, brain injuries and other genetic and neurological disorders.

Innovative Clinical Service Programs

Melmark's innovative program is defined by its collaborative clinical service delivery model. The school program is offered across a 10 month school year plus 6 weeks ESY programs for both day students and residential students. The Melmark School's educational and clinical program includes the empirically-supported features of applied behavior analysis.

Clinical team members are based upon the principles and practices of: 

Board Certified Behavior Analysts 
Clinical Social Workers 
Speech, Physical and Occupational Therapists 
Certified Special Education Teachers 
Vocational Coordinators 
Registered Nurses
Family members

Picturesque 80-Acre Campus

Located on Melmark's attractive campus, The Melmark School offers newly renovated classroom and support space and a range of recreational program areas. Many students who attend the Melmark School reside in beautifully maintained single-family homes on campus and in nearby communities, allowing for an integrated 24-hour learning model.