FAQs - For Adult Programs

Who does Melmark serve?

Melmark is a comprehensive multi-service provider of residential, educational, vocational and therapeutic services for children and adults with intellectual disabilities including autism spectrum disorders, acquired brain injury, other neurological and genetic disorders and related challenging behaviors. Our varied programs promote independence, increased self-awareness and confidence, while offering participants opportunities to make friends and develop personal interests.

How are adult services funded?

There are various funding sources that are available to families, such as Medicaid waiver funding and ICF/MR funding. Melmark also accepts private funding for adult programs and services. Please contact the Director of Admissions and Family Services for specifics regarding funding options and fees.

What is the age of individuals accepted into Melmark's adult programs?

Melmark accepts adults at age 21 and older. However, some young adults are admitted at an earlier age to participate in a transitional vocational program funded through a school district. The Director of Admissions and Family Services can discuss these options with you.

What is the staff-to-consumer ratio?

Melmark maintains a high staff-to-consumer ratio. Ratios vary across campus depending upon the needs of the adult. Specific staffing ratios are reviewed as part of the admissions process.

Can my family be considered for admission if I live outside Pennsylvania?

Yes. Melmark accepts referrals from throughout the U.S. as well as international sources.

Once my family member is accepted for placement, how long will it be before he/she will be admitted?

Melmark is focused on ensuring that each admission is a smooth transition for the adult to be served as well as the family. Depending upon receipt of all necessary documents, funding commitment, and the need for transitional visits, the period from acceptance to admission is relatively short.

Is your program year round?

Yes. Melmark maintains year-round programs for children and adults.

How is the admissions process initiated?

After meeting with the Director of Admissions and Family Services and touring the campus programs, families complete an application and request an official referral from the funding organization or agency. This information is reviewed by the admission team, prior to having the candidate come for an interview with his or her family. Following that screening meeting, the team decides if the program is suitable for the candidate's needs. A process is then established to complete all necessary paper work, confirm funding and set an admission date.