Graduate Education and Internships

Graduate Education Opportunities

As presented in our vision statement, Melmark is committed to developing its reputation as a recognized Center of Excellence by consistently providing innovative, research-based programs and services. As an organization, we appreciate that clinical advances are best served by sharing and disseminating new knowledge, which may develop as the result of practical field experience or through new practices and techniques currently being studied in higher education settings.

Melmark has an excellent working relationship with many colleges and universities as an intern practicum site for students interested in special education, applied behavior analysis, operations and other related fields. Melmark’s management team serves as mentors and supervisors for interested students.

Melmark Welcomes National and  International Graduate Students and Interns

To foster the exchange of new clinical information and concepts, Melmark welcomes both national and international graduate students and interns who are interested in completing a required/advanced practicum in an active clinical setting.

To discuss specific educational needs and requirements, please contact Jessica Woods, Ph.D., BCBA-D, Executive Director of Children's Services  610-325-4964 or  .