Philosophy of Care

Melmark serves children, adults and their families affected by autism spectrum disorder and a broad range of intellectual disabilities on an individual basis in an environment of warmth, care and respect. Our goal is to help each person enjoy a meaningful life and attain the highest possible level of personal growth and achievement. By providing a wide range of activities, opportunities and challenges, we can partner with families to define and implement appropriate goals for each child or adult.

Melmark's philosophy of care is based on the following:

Individualized Planning and Customized Programs

Melmark recognizes and supports the dignity of each individual. Programs, goals and services are created to meet each person's needs, abilities, and interests.

Rapid Progress and Outcomes Tracking

Melmark's goal is to challenge each individual to develop skills and grow as much as possible. Flexible plans are put in place for each individual, outlining specific educational, therapeutic, and social goals. Ongoing progress reviews ensure that goals are updated and modified as needed.

Partnership with Families

 Melmark's parents and families are invited and encouraged to partner with our caring and professional staff, and serve as equal members of the multi-disciplinary team.

Community Integration

Melmark supports community-based residential options offering external social, recreational, volunteer, and occupational opportunities for children and adults.

Holistic Focus

 At Melmark, we balance the academic, vocational, cultural, recreational, and spiritual aspects of life as appropriate for each individual.