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A Long History of Success 

Established in 1976, the Meadows Program at Melmark is a day program for young and older adults with mild-to-moderate intellectual disabilities. The Meadows serves 55 adults who live with their friends in staff- supervised, single-family homes on campus or in nearby communities with their families. The program combines vocational activities and creative arts, providing meaningful work for adults.

Participants in the Meadows Program are members of the Country Guild and share in the overall profits from sale of their products.The Meadows creative workshops include:

  • Horticultural and Flower Workshop: annual and perennial flowers are  planted, harvested and expertly dried with beautiful wreaths and basket  arrangements created throughout the year.
  • Fiber and Art Workshop: guild members make knitted pillows, stuffed  animals, mosaics and decorative bookmarks.
  • Wood, Ceramic, and Stencil Workshop: program members produce unique note cards and gift tags, handmade clay pots and assorted cutting boards  and woodcrafts.
  • Hospitality Services: the Meadows Tea Room offers adults the opportunity  to make and sell baked goods, participate in meal preparation and learn how to serve guests and maintain a dining room. 

Items produced by the partners of the Country Garden Guild are sold at The Meadows building on Melmark’s campus. Guild members also participate in scheduled craft fairs throughout the region. 

Shop online at the Meadows Store by clicking here.