Ongoing Research

Melmark conducts regular research on the identifying functions of behaviors, effective interventions, staff training and supervision and a range of other topics. Research may be conducted by Melmark staff often in collaboration with regional universities through masters theses and doctoral dissertations; an internal research review committee approves /oversees all research conducted.

Current research interests include:
  • Social skills assessment and instruction.
  • Dimensions of reinforcement and task parameters.
  • Functional assessment procedures.
  • Staff training and supervision.
  • Increasing staff motivation.
  • Reducing staff injury.
  • Video prompting.
  • Chaining procedures.
  • Systematic de-sensitization for medical procedure compliance.
  • Decreasing challenging behaviors.
  • Assessing and addressing academic deficits.
  • Feeding disorders.
  • Other topics as presented.

For further information, please contact Mary Jane Weiss, Executive Director of Research.