Residential Services

For Children & Young Adults

Melmark’s residential setting for children and young adults is a 7-day/365 days-a-year service that includes programming based in applied behavior analysis, educational services, 24-hour on-campus nursing services, healthcare and rehabilitative services, and parent training. Melmark provides a safe, motivating and nurturing environment that facilitates individualized goals and services. 

Attractive Residential Options

Residential students who attend The Melmark School reside in beautifully maintained single-family homes on campus or in nearby communities. Students regularly access Melmark’s campus resources. Children and young adults actively take part in community based social and recreational opportunities that include trips to parks, movie theaters, participation in the Challenger Little League baseball program, and outdoor concerts.

Partnering with Families

Melmark’s Children’s Services considers the family to be the center of service delivery. The clinical team listens to the family’s concerns, understands their challenges and focuses on supports that will ensure the successful delivery of clinical services.

ABA Counselors

Treatment activities follow a 24-hour learning model with a strong behavioral
focus throughout a student’s waking hours. There is a high staff-to-child ratio in support of the program.

All treatment components are put in place to ensure significant, measurable outcomes for all of the individuals served. Our intervention strategies incorporate techniques from applied behaviorial analysis which have been empirically validated in the field and then individualized to the needs of each child. Progress is reviewed bi-weekly to ensure goals are met.

ABA counselors are trained in best practices strategies designed to help a child master new skills. Primary responsibilities of the residential staff include:

  • Provide active engagement and skill building with the children served.
  • Build functional communication and replacement behavior for each child.
  • Implement strategies in support of each child’s behavior support plan.

Each ABA counselor meets regularly with a program supervisor to review the progress of each child served. 

Our Goal

The goal of the Children’s Services residential program is for the child, when appropriate, to return to the family’s home or a less restrictive environment as soon as possible.

For more information on Melmark’s Children’s Services, please contact:
Suzanne Muench, MSS, LCSW 
Director of Admissions and Family Services
Melmark’s Admissions Office
(610) 325-2937