Community Day Services

The Anne and Brutus Kenan Center for Adult Services

With newly renovated and expanded program space, workshops in The Anne and Brutus Kenan Center for Adult Services provide day services for adults with moderate-to-profound intellectual and physical disabilities. Workshops emphasize pre-vocational, wellness, daily living, social, and communication skills.


Community inclusion is a key goal of the program. Enrichment activities include:

  • Volunteer support for local churches and charities
  • Environmentally friendly recycling projects
  • Field trips to local shopping, recreational and cultural centers
  • Campus work assignments
  • Participation in Special Olympics


For adults with lower cognitive levels or who are non-ambulatory, the program offers:

  • Multi-sensory stimulation 
  • Hand-over-hand training 
  • Massage therapy 
  • Personal assistance


Melmark works with a number of community-based employers and organizations and looks forward to expanding its present ties with businesses in the community. Funding sources for the Adult Vocational Program include public agencies and private pay funds.