MNE Adult Services

All the adults served by Melmark New England have regular access to innovative health, social, vocational, educational, and recreational services designed to promote individual confidence, independence, and community integration.

Funding streams for adult services can include public and private sources including:

  • MA Department of Developmental Services
  • Personal and Special Needs Trusts
  • Private Pay

Adult Day Program

Adult Day Program

In response to an overwhelming demand for appropriate adult day services, and with strong encouragement from current and former MNE families and the MA Department of Developmental Services, we established a habilitation and vocational day Community Based Day Service program in November 2015. The first of its kind in the Merrimack Valley, the program is specifically designed to address the unique needs of adults severely affected by autism and other diagnoses leading to challenging behaviors.


Community inclusion is a key goal of the program. Enrichment activities include:


  • Job exploration and job training opportunities
  • Volunteer opportunities in the local community
  • Service projects
  • Community outings to local shopping, recreational and cultural centers
  • Paid employment
  • Arts and crafts
  • Physical/health activities


Melmark New England’s day program is licensed as a Community Based Day Service by the Department of Developmental Services (DDS).


The Cancro Center for Adult Services

Now known as The Cancro Center for Adult Services, Melmark New England continues to provide an exceptional quality of care utilizing highly trained staff and the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis as the clinical Positive Support model. In the Community Based Day Service program, our adults continue to learn and demonstrate a variety of skills to meet the demands of an ever-changing social environment and workforce. Their adult day activities include but are not limited to: social and recreation opportunities in the community, continued development and maintenance of daily living skills, job exploration, volunteer opportunities and some employment opportunities. Their skills include, but are not limited to: performing maintenance activities to manage office settings and related areas, office support in medical and dental practices, food service support at local restaurants, cashier duties in the Melmark Café, and supporting warehouse distribution centers.

Job Training and Volunteer Partners

Our individuals are currently engaged in part-time job training or volunteer services for the following community businesses:


  • Hampton Inn
  • 99 Restaurants
  • A Private Dental Practice
  • Jackson Lumber
  • The Claddagh Pub
  • West Congregational Church
  • Salvatore’s Restaurant at the Riverwalk
  • Melmark Café
  • Konjoian’s Greenhouse

Adult Residential Program

Melmark New England has several attractive, community-based residences. Our comprehensive resources meet the unique residential and clinical needs of individuals who need significant-to-moderate support for their daily living and for managing challenging behaviors.


The adults served by Melmark New England enjoy ongoing and consistent access to innovative vocational, social and recreational services to achieve their highest potential. These services and programs are designed to promote their sense of well-being, personal independence, and community integration.

For more information about Melmark New England’s Adult Program, or if you are interested in employing a Melmark adult, please contact:


Elizabeth McRae, JD
Administrator of Program Services
Melmark New England
461 River Road
Andover, MA 01810