Learn more about HB 478 to keep students with disabilities in school!

The most vulnerable children in our state have been learning remotely on homebound instruction for decades.

Reducing School Exclusion for Children with Disabilities by Increasing Specialized Options


Children with autism and other developmental disabilities who have trouble adjusting to school are commonly sent home, have their school day reduced to 1-2 hours per day, or are placed on homebound where they are not allowed in school, and receive as little as 1-2 hours of education per week.


Most recent survey by Disability Rights NC and DPI found over 800 students on homebound with more than 300 on shortened day.


School choice options are unavailable to children with extensive special education needs as the cost to serve them available funds made available to families (e.g., Education Student Accounts). Remote learning during COVID-19 made it clear how detrimental not being able to go to school is for all children.


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