Greg Strakosch

Member, Melmark Services, Melmark, Inc.


Greg Strakosch is the Executive Chairman and co-founder of TechTarget (NASDAQ: TTGT). He spun TechTarget out of United Communications Group with 5 employees and served as CEO for 17 years. Today, it is a public company with more than 650 employees, $120 million in revenue and $30 million in profits. The company is headquartered in Massachusetts with offices in San Francisco, London, Paris, Munich, Sydney and Singapore. In his current role, he is responsible for investor relations, strategic planning and is the lead liaison between the Board of Directors and the Company.


Prior to founding TechTarget, Strakosch was the President of the Technology Division of United Communications Group. He joined United Communications Group when the company acquired Reliability Ratings, an IT publishing that he founded in 1989. Before Reliability Ratings, Strakosch worked at EMC Corporation, where he was one of the company’s first 30 employees and held various executive roles including opening  the company’s first office in Silicon Valley and launching the company’s first product for the mainframe market.


Strakosch was named New England Entrepreneur of the Year by Ernst and Young. He has been inducted into the min Digital Hall of Fame and was named B2B Innovator of the Year by Media Business, a division of Advertising  Age. Media Business named him one of the industry’s Most Influential Executives. TechTarget has won hundreds of independent journalism awards and has been named as one of Massachusetts Best Companies to work for by both The Boston Globe and The Boston Business Journal. 


Strakosch graduated from Boston College. He serves on the Boston College Board of Regents and has been his reunion class chairman for 30 years. Boston College’s annual student business plan completion was recently named The Strakosch Venture Competition. Strakosch is on the Board of Trustees at Cristo Rey Boston High School in Dorchester. Strakosch graduated from Fairfield Prep and is joining their Board of Governors in 2019.