Helena Maguire,

Vice President and Chief Clinical Officer

Helena Maguire serves as the Vice President and Chief Clinical Officer of Melmark. She oversees the development and implementation of programs and services, as well as the daily operations for Melmark New England. She develops strategic objectives for the Massachusetts division, and provides leadership to direct reports in order to assure the achievement of these objectives. Mrs. Maguire supports the CEO through various committees and activities, and assumes responsibility for policy development, quality assurance, risk management, regulatory compliance, fiscal integrity, and excellence in care and delivery of all services.


Mrs. Maguire has worked extensively in the field of community based human service delivery systems in Massachusetts. She has served as a Program Director at Vinfen Corporation and as the Director of Adult Services at the May Institute. In both of these positions, Mrs. Maguire was responsible for the development and implementation of the staff orientation training curriculum, training for supervisory personnel and in-service training for all staff.  Mrs. Maguire has presented numerous papers on staff management and staff training techniques, both at the local level and at the national level.


Mrs. Maguire is an Adjunct Professor at Endicott College and the University of Massachusetts-Boston and is an instructor for a five-course graduate series on Applied Behavior Analysis.


She earned her Master of Science in Human Services Administration degree from the University of Massachusetts-Boston. She earned her Board Certification in Behavior Analysis (BCBA) in May 2002.