Mary Maurer

Secretary, Melmark Services, Melmark, Inc. / Member, Melmark New England, Inc.


Mary Maurer received her Bachelor of Science degree in nursing from Holy Family College in 1980, and is currently certified in emergency nursing. She became heavily involved in autism advocacy after her son, Christopher, was diagnosed with the disorder in 1989.


Mary was a founding member and officer of PACAS, Pennsylvania Action Coalition for Autism services. Mary served on several Department of Welfare Committees under the direction of Secretary Estelle Richman including the Pennsylvania Autism Task Force, needs of adolescents subcommittee and the Bureau of Autism services housing committee.


Other advocacy affiliations include ASA Philadelphia adult services committee and ASA PA special education work group. Mary has participated in conferences including the Pennsylvania Speaker of the House Transition Symposium – Best Practices for Transitioning Young Adults with Disabilities from School to Living & Working in their Communities, and Melmark’s Journey to Adulthood Conference in July, 2008.