Maureen McMahon,

Vice Chairwoman

Dr. Maureen McMahon is a Medical Director/Medical Consult and Review Physician in Infectious Disease and Vaccines for Merck. Dr. McMahon received her medical degree from Medical College of Pennsylvania. She completed her Pediatric Residency training at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. She has been in practice for more than twenty years.


Dr. McMahon wanted to pursue a career in healthcare from early on. She began with a degree in nursing. As a registered nurse, she loved every aspect of caring for her patients, and felt called to learn and be in a position to do more. With three children, she decided to go to medical school. During the course of her studies she was the recipient of 16 awards including the Solomon Prize in Pathology, the David Dunn Memorial Award in Neurology, the Jean Crump Memorial Prize in Pediatrics, and the Department of Medicine Prize to name a few.


Having walked in both the shoes of nurse and physician, she brings a depth of understanding to the management of the entire case. Her specialty of care prior to her current job has included children with medical complexity. She has worked in a diversity of settings including the hospital, the office and a special needs school for children with medical complexity.


Dr. McMahon has shared her knowledge through lectures and publications.


Dr. McMahon is a Fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics and has had teaching and clinical responsibilities at the Thomas Jefferson University and affiliated hospitals.